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  1. Myriam et Michel Jakobiec

    Quel bonheur de retrouver ces souvenirs de jours heureux.
    Tous nos voeux de succès t’accompagnent à la lecture de ce très beau site.
    Vivat, vivat, semper vivat!

  2. Mrs Jane Godfrey

    An absolutely fabulous site, thank you so very much and for David for putting it together.  I will definitely be keeping you on my list and I will look forward to yourself, keeping us all posted.  Wonderful  Jane Godfrey

  3. Robert and Adele Watt

    Thank you very much for the way in which you have taken the RSNO forward, helping to open up doors for wonderful new repertoire, and for a new generation of concertgoers! Merci bien aussi pour les Paris Soirs (pas le journal!)  Meilleurs souhaits pour Stuttgart, et le monde! 

  4. Joe and Jan

    What a pleasure to make music with you.   It’s a particular pleasure to see you work with other orchestra and to feel the love that you have for the music and the musicians.    From Boston  

  5. Sheila and Ian Cairns

    We thoroughly enloyed your final concert in Glasgow. Good luck in the future and let’s see you back at the rostrum in Scotland soon. Sheila and Ian Cairns

  6. Anitarklaussen

    I so enjoyed your concert today with the BSO. Hope you will become our new Music Director…. Your website is lovely. Especially photos of your beautiful family.
    Best wishes, Anita Ruthling Klaussen and Bud Collins

  7. Richard Haylor

    Hi Stephane,
    I hope that all is going well !
    It was the experience of a lifetime working with you and The New World Symphony Orchestra in Miami.I just wanted to express my gratitude and send my very best wishes for your continued success !
    KIndest regards,

    Richard Haylor.

  8. Joost Kiefte

    Hello Stéphane,

    Over the course of just a couple of weeks I have acquired most of your recordings, including the one with Lucas and Arthur Jussen on Deutsche Grammophon. I am most impressed with what I hear, so thank you for your wonderful contributions to the repertoire.
    I have a very old recording by Jean Martinon of Roussel’s ballet Aeneas. I was wondering if you have any plans of recording this very rare but wonderful score?
    Lots of success in Philadelphia and Brussels.



    • admin

      ‘Thank you very much! I am sorry to say that I have no current plans to record Aeneas and Evocations. Which is a shame as thy are both wonderful pieces.But I hope that I will sometime in the future’ – Stéphane Denève

  9. Carrie Feiner

    BRAVO Stephane on your wonderful creative performances. I look forward to staying in touch

  10. jasmine

    Thank you for the hard work and dedication. Keep it up and stay safe!

  11. Gerry Maguire

    Many congratulations on the appointment. Very best wishes!

  12. gmatusk

    I am looking forward to your concerts next season with the Saint Louis Symphony. As a teenager, I started attending St. Louis Symphony concerts in 1953 when the music director was Frenchman Vladimir Golschman. I especially enjoyed his performances of the music of Berlioz. My best wishes for your success in Saint Louis.

  13. Jeanette Molloy

    I was privileged to enjoy many of your concerts with the RSNO in Glasgow. Watching the New Years Day concert from Viena made me think of you. Happy New Year Stephan and congratulations on your continuing success.


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