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RSNO, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

"(...) Musically, Deneve presided over a well-played programme where the Auld Alliance connections ran deep (...) Then Deneve turned the whole concert inside out with his electrifying detonation of...

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Denève a conquis Bruxelles

"Stéphane Denève a séduit le public bruxellois. Le Brussels Philarmonic a trouvé son nouveau maître. (...) Il a commencé par un petit mot d’accueil malin, précis et chaleureux, enchaîné avec un programme sainement...

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Denève, BSO bring Paris to Boston

"Denève’s genial performance featured a swaying Serenata (to a siciliana rhythm), a whirling Tarantella, a brass-blasting Toccata, a stately Gavotte, and a sweet Menuetto that was almost an aubade." (...)...

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Stokowski comes back to the Bowl

"(...) The 42-year-old Denève is a rising star in classical music. He was recently named principal guest conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra (Stokowski’s old group) and is now a regular...

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