Michael Miller The Berkshire Review
(…)  Stéphane Denève seemed entirely comfortable with the sound, as this resourceful and technically masterful conductor must be in a variety of acoustics. (…) The Tchaikovsky concerto opened the program (…) Denève steadily followed the structure of the succeeding sections with due attention to their contrasting moods, keys, and textures. (…) There followed a rich, flowing reading of Rachmaninoff’s Second Symphony. (…) A sympathetic performance will show an understanding of how it fits and flows together, and Denève’s was one of the best in this respect and in others. The linear flow of tension and relaxation was never broken. Without pushing the tempi unduly, Denève kept it moving, while giving his solo players plenty of room for expression, as well as himself, in this affecting, passionate performance. (…)

Denève’s conducting reminds us of Charles Munch, and that he would be an excellent catch for the BSO in their search for a music director. Underneath his charm and passion Denève is a serious craftsman as a conductor. Boston would not suffer for a return to French musicianship of this high order. 

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