Kyle Macmillan Chicago Sun-Times
“(…) guest conductor Stéphane Denève’s incisive, well-conceived take delivered the punch in the gut Shostakovich surely intended. (…) Denève and Ehnes captured the manic spirit of the Scherzo, which felt constantly like it was about to spin out of control, with disorienting syncopations and jarring intrusions, such as a snatch of surreal calliope-like music. (…) The orchestra has no doubt performed Hector Berlioz’s “Symphonie fantastique, Op. 14,” dozens if not hundreds of times, but Denève made sure this version of the much-loved staple did not get lost among the rest. Displaying a keen rapport with the musicians, he led a fresh, involving performance, bubbling with the élan and effervescence one could expect of a French conductor. (…)”

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