Janine Wanée The Boston Musical Intelligencer
“(…) Denève did not just facilitate an accurate performance, but also brought out Debussy’s magical dreamscape, to be enjoyed through every instrumental nuance, while maintaining impeccable ensemble throughout the impressionistic wash of sonorous watercolor. (…) The finale to a stunning concert was Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4. The brass were in high form, each instrument impeccably balanced and songful; the pianissimos performed with outstanding subtlety. Denève encouraged their production of harmonic distinction, ranging from subtle nuance to vibratory fullness that could be sensed corporeally. Despite Tchaikovsky’s repetitiveness, Denève was able to evoke surprise and un-milked lyricism.

The programmatic arc began with a feminine quality of watery dreamtime, reaching a middle altitude of sizzling vigor before concluding with a struggle and ultimate surrender to indomitable fate. This writer experienced a journey profound and complete.”

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