Jeffrey Gantz The Boston Globe
“Denève’s genial performance featured a swaying Serenata (to a siciliana rhythm), a whirling Tarantella, a brass-blasting Toccata, a stately Gavotte, and a sweet Menuetto that was almost an aubade.” (…)

“Led by Adam Pelandini’s sinuous saxophone, the 18-piece ensemble rocked. Denève’s tempos may have been moderate, but his rhythms were crisp and clear.” (…)

“Francis Poulenc’s “Les biches,” was also premiered by the Ballets Russes (…) Denève has recorded the full score, but here he programmed just the concert suite from 1940, whose five tantalizing movements include a circusy Rondeau, a piquant Adagietto, and a “Rag-Mazurka” that’s more of a galloping tarantella. The BSO had never played this music before. I hope it doesn’t wait 90 years to play it again.”

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